Metal Name Plates

Metal nameplates are the core of our business. We produce vinyl and metal name plates. Our most popular are the aluminum name plates.

When you order custom metal nameplates from Metal Grafix we’ll create an accurate name plate template for your needs and ship vinyl or metal nameplates quickly. If your application is for harsh environments we are can produce aluminum name plates that are anodized and meet the stringent standards for the aerospace industry.

Our proprietary "PermaPlate" etching process was originally developed for the aerospace industry and is available to all our customers. Some of our aluminum name plates have been found on equipment in the field enduring 47 years of environmental exposure and are still clearly legible today.

Design and production of our custom metal nameplates is done in-house to provide you quick turnaround, economy and excellent quality. .

We make reordering easy. Your plate name and graphic design is kept on file so all you need to do is tell us how many more you want next time you order.

We look forward to helping you.

To get a quote for custom metal nameplates please go to our VIP Contact Page
or call 1-844-304-0793

Example of a Metal Nameplate made for Boeing