We produce all types of nameplates including aluminum labels, brass nameplates and metal tags for labeling. One of our specialties is furniture nameplates. We understand that a furniture nameplate is the “stamp of approval” that enhances your brand. To help you accomplish that we have a variety of fonts to apply to the furniture name plates to be consistent with your brand.

For the traditional, high quality look you might want to order brass name plates. We can cut them to a specific shape and pre-drill holes for you so you can quickly and easily tack them into place. That gives your furniture nameplates the traditional old-fashioned quality look.

If your brand is better suited to a modern style then you might want to consider the self-adhesive, foil-type furniture nameplates for ease and convenience.

Design and production is done in-house for quick turnaround, economy and excellent quality. We make re-ordering easy. Your plate style and graphic design is kept on file so all you need to do is tell us how many more you want next time around.

We look forward to helping you.

To get a quote for your brass nameplates or any other type of furniture nameplates please go to our VIP Contact Page
or call 1-844-304-0793