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Need ID plates? We can help

If you need high quality ID tags or nameplates at competitive prices, delivered fast - we can help. There is no minimum order and we ship worldwide within 5 business days. (Two days for emergency AOG service.)

Designs are done in-house to offer quick turnaround, control work flow and ensure quality. Metal Grafix ID plates have been found on equipment in the field enduring 47 years of environmental exposure. Thanks to our proprietary "PermaPlate" etching process they are still clear and legible today. This process was originally developed for the aerospace industry and is now available to all our customers.



Welcome to the new age of printing!                         

We are happy to introduce our new Direct to Substrate printing process!

It is now possible to print a durable, full color, digital image with a resolution up to 1400 DPI, in the subsurface (pores) of multiple types of materials. No more need for silk-screening, multiple films, and multiple screens, making it more cost efficient with a quicker turnaround.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your printing requirements.